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We specialize in costumes for high school and college theatrical productions. Whether you need entire costumes, or just those few little accessories that complete the "look," we can help.

We've got everything you need to look your scary (or mysterious) best.

Need a special "visitor" for a special event? We've got just the costume you need, and we can even provide someone to wear it.

You can't be a proper pirate without a pirate hat, you can't be Cleopatra if your hair is blonde and curly, and if you want to be a gorilla, you're probably going to need a mask. Top off your costume with our wide selection of wigs, hats, and masks.

It's the details that really make a costume "work," and we've got every detail covered. Cowboy boots, Mardi Gras beads, and feather boas are just some of the accessories you will find at Showboat.